KajaNe Mua

A Private Villa & Mansion

Located At The Center Of Ubud, It Offers Spacious Villas With Private Pool. Designed Exclusively To Reflect A Mix Of Modern And Balinese Influences Which Traditionally Reveal The Atmosphere Of Tranquility Away From Hustle Bustle Ubud Tourist Area. Officially Created To Meet Most Of Travelers’ Expectation

KajaNe Yangloni

A Private Boutique Health & Leisure Center Another Oasis In Another Part Of Ubud. Away From Commercialized Ubud. Purely Designed To Represent The Original Of Ubud Village Which Offers Activities To More Portray The Real Of Ubud Village. Embodied By Tri Hita Karana, The Most Bali Jargon.

KajaNe Tulamben

A Front Beach Private Villa & Mansion An Elegant Wooden Villa & Mansion Setting Up At The Front Of Beach Offers For Fully Relaxation. Situated At The Paradise Of Divers But Truly Romantic Site With Scenic Beach For Honeymooner.

Ubud HomeMADE Resto

Since beginning of 21st century, a healthy natural food becomes trendsetter among a small exclusive group of people who concern about healthy life. .

Bali HomeMADE Spa

Set in private space, an antique style wooden houses with overlooking rice paddies and surrounded by natural herb to produce a fresh & natural ingredient. Just come along with the tranquility where you can rejuvenate body, mind and soul through a wide range of SPA treatment offers.

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