How you define your Val day(?)

Many ways are used to be a great weapon to conquer someone’s heart. Texting someone or making a sweet conversation on the phone, making a handmade beautiful love cards, sending a flowers or gift to your beloved one and an abudance planning are being on your plans list when the valentine day approaching. Aren’t they too old to be there in this modern era ?


 It mostly would depress you, especially all the men to find the idea, preparation and how it would be done smoothly just to express how much you love your sweet heart.  Well….. Don’t be as difficult as a director creating their film just to get a high number viewers where nobody couldn’t guaranteed for its succeed.  Lucky you !!! Just put all the hustles on us. We are certainly more than ready and excited to make them well done for you.

Celebrate the sense of romance by joining our Romantic Dinner at KajaNe Yangloni. Just a 10 – 15 minutes away from the heart of Ubud to reach. Our free shuttle service are happy to take you away from a stuffy Ubud valentine night life to KajaNe Yangloni. Romantic table and its decoration, special meal, sparkling candles, romantic ambiance where the garden and the rice field view are totally be yours swiftest way to conquer someone’s heart.

Just be sure to book earlier to avoid any missing out space !

Should you prefer the more privacy romantic dinner, Feel free  contacting us for more detail information

+62 361 72875 ( 8 AM – 8 PM )

 +62 361 972877 ( 24 hours )

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