How you define your Val day?


Many ways are used to be a great weapon to conquer someone’s heart. Texting someone or making a sweet conversation on the phone, making a handmade beautiful love cards, sending a flowers or gift to your beloved one and an abudance planning are being on your plans list when the…

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10 Basic Balinese Words to Know


10 Basic Balinese Words to Know With over 1600 languages used all over Indonesia, Bali itself has its own language spoken. Most of the 3 million people living in Bali speak Bahasa (means ‘language’) Bali, Bahasa Indonesia and English. And while Bahasa Indonesia is the most common spoken language on…

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8 Must See Waterfalls in Bali


8 Must See Waterfalls in Bali Bali offers plenty of natural treasures including volcanoes and beautiful beaches but did you know that the Island of the Gods is full of amazing waterfalls? You probably won’t have time to see all of them so it’s a hard decision which one you…

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How to Read the Balinese Calendar


One of the beautiful things about the Balinese culture we admire is the intricacies and respect the people have for their religious ceremonies. And what makes it even more interesting is the fact that every ceremony has a significance to not one but two of the calendars that they follow…

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