8 Must See Waterfalls in Bali

8 Must See Waterfalls in Bali

Bali offers plenty of natural treasures including volcanoes and beautiful beaches but did you know that the Island of the Gods is full of amazing waterfalls? You probably won’t have time to see all of them so it’s a hard decision which one you will visit. But for your convenience, we’ve listed the 8 most attractive and worth seeing waterfalls around Bali. Enjoy!


1. Aling-Aling Waterfall    


Location: Sambangan, Sukasada, Buleleng, North-Bali

Distance from Ubud: around 2 hours

Located near Singaraja, this 35m high waterfall includes a series of 7 in total and is worth a visit. To reach the beautiful spot of Aling-Aling, you need to walk around 400m through rice fields and continue with steps up and down – quite tiring indeed but it’s definitely worth it. Whether swimming in the refreshing and crystal clear lagoon after the trekking or raising your adrenalin while sliding down a 35 meter waterfall or cliff jumping– you will have a great time and feel close to nature


2. Blahmantung Waterfall


Location: Pujungan, Pupuan, Tabanan, North-Bali

Distance from Ubud: around 2 hours

Also known as Pupuan Waterfall, it is a hidden place that you should visit if you prefer a less crowded setting. You will explore beautiful nature heritage surrounded by tropical trees and a peaceful ambience. The challenging 800 meters walk through coffee and clove plantations will totally be  worth the adventure as you reach one of Bali highest waterfall – at an impressive 100meter drop.  Clear and fresh, the lush green atmosphere remains untouched and is waiting for you.


3. Dusun Kuning


Location: Bangli, East-Bali

Distance from Ubud: about 40 minutes

After a 300m trek, you will reach this serene setting which is only a 40 minute drive from Ubud. Surrounded by a captivating landscape, Dusun Kuning Waterfall is definitely a new tourist attraction worth hiking. The clean and fresh water drops off at 25 meters high meeting the flowing river which you could swim in. You will enjoy your trip with some monkeys around but rest assured there will be less tourists with you as it is still an unknown place to most.

4. Gitgit Waterfalls

Bedugul, Singaraja, North-Bali

Distance from Ubud: around 2 hours

One of Bali’s most popular tourist attractions, Gitgit is located in the North Central part of Bali about a couple of hours away from Ubud. Still, the place has its charm of an remaining well kept due to its tropical trees and its stunning waterfall height (about 40 metres high). But as it is still a well known tourist destination, there will be plenty of souvenir and art shops at the parking area as well as restaurants so the entrance can get very busy so come early to avoid the crowds.


5. Sing Sing “Daybreak” Waterfall


Location: Banjar, Buleleng, North-Bali

Distance from Ubud: around 2 hours

One of Bali’s most romantic places for couples or honeymooners Buleleng is about 3km located from Lovina it can be perfectly combined with Dolphin watching. Easily accessible, the sight is worth taking a photograph as it gives that authentic Balinese setting for your holiday photo. The calm and peaceful atmosphere attracts many tourists, so you will find shops and restaurants there as well as beautiful natural heritage.


6. Juwuk Manis


Location: Manggissari, Pekutatan, West-Bali

Distance from Ubud: around 2 hours

At only 5meter falls, Juwuk Manis (Sweet Orange) Waterfall falls into the smaller settings in Bali but what makes it worth visiting is that it is pretty much undiscovered. The path there can be tricky, as you cross coffee plantations as well as cliffs and curvy hillsides. But after the 800 meter trek, you will be rewarded with crystal clear and drinkable lagoon that is well worth the expedition. And the good news is there won’t be many visitors here, so if you like your waterfall experience to be more quiet and serene, this is the place to be.


7. Nungnung


Location: Petang, Badung, Centre of Bali

Distance from Ubud: around 1.5 hours

Five hundred and nine steps are separating you from the parking area until you reach the gorgeous and massive Nungnung waterfall. With its 50 meter drop off, the sound of the waterfalls can be quite loud but it doesn’t disturb the beautiful ambience you see. Once you’ve reached the parking area, you can breathe fresh air due to Petang lays on 900 meters above the sea level. After those many steps, you will be greeted with a magnificent spot surrounded by rice paddies and lush green environment


8. Sekumpul

Location: Tejakula, Kabupaten Buleleng, North-Bali

Distance to Ubud: around 2 hours

This waterfall is highly recommended by adventurers but is not an unknown place anymore. Away from civilization, in the middle of the rainforest we suggest you to use a guide to reach this natural, stunning spot. The name Sekumpul, which means “group” in Indonesia is given to that waterfall as it actually consists of seven narrow cascades that are dropping down water of around 80 meters height. Lush green environment, fresh water and an outstanding scenery is waiting for you to be explored.


Did you get excited to discover those magical destinations? Remember, the best time to visit the waterfalls is Rainy Season between October and March so there will be enough water for amazing drop offs and lagoons worth to swim in. It’s a good time to be there around lunch due to sunbeams are dancing in the crystal clear water and you are able to escape the afternoon heat. Always bring enough water and wear solid shoes for the trekking. Ask our staff to organise a day trip for you to any of those waterfalls to make sure you won’t miss this adventure.


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